COVID-19 update

Hello Christchurch, (26/07/2021)

We are now able to meet for our Sunday Service in person and we can sing together! We're no longer bound by legislation, but advised to be cautious in crowded and enclosed spaces. 

As we meet together, please continue to care for each other as best you can. We have all received so much grace, please be gracious with each other as we continue to work this out. There will be no judgement in what you decide.

If you're unable to join us on Sundays please don't worry! We're still broadcasting live on YouTube 📽🙌🙏 (but no longer Facebook or Twitter - sorry!) To make sure you don't miss the service, subscribe to our channel and turn notifications on if you want to be pinged when it starts. YouTube also allows you to watch the service on TV if you have a compatible device.

You can still contact the Pastoral Team:  Ash Gibson and Judith Gibson.

The Pastoral Team

What to expect

Welcome to Christchurch Xscape. We meet every Sunday at 4.30pm for our weekly service and also have other activities running throughout the week. If you've never been to church before, here's a few answers to questions you may have about our Sunday service:

What's a service like?

We start with a brew and biscuits before opening with a prayer and a couple of songs. A passage from the Bible is read and then explained in a talk which lasts around 30 mins. We usually close with another song or two, with the whole service finishing around 6pm. Refreshments are also available afterwards.

Who is Christchurch suitable for?

Anyone. Whether you would call yourself a Christian or not.

Is there a dress code?

No. Come in whatever you feel comfortable! 

Will there be a collection?

No. We don't have a collection and nobody will ask you for any money.

Will I be asked to do anything I'm not comfortable with? 

No. If you don't feel comfortable to pray or sing that's fine.

Is this all there is?

What is life really about?

How can I find real joy and peace in the midst of life’s chaos?

Church is ordinary people meeting together to find answers to questions like these.

We are a group of people from different backgrounds and life experiences but we have one thing in common; we have found answers to life’s tough questions in Jesus. 

We believe he is someone who changed the course of history, claimed to be the God who created the universe, rose from the dead and is still having a profound effect on people today.

You're welcome to come along and listen to the Bible being clearly explained, and chat with other people who are asking the same questions you are. We would love to see you.